One games complaint is hula setup about the games switchover from a 2/2 ability honda bonus to a 2/1 ability bonus; that 1 can shore up a weak ability score, but generally won't give you as much of an edge as the former.
The Tales from the Yawning Portal adventure book includes classic adventures from the Greyhawk setting, but also offers suggestions in how to place them in other settings.The express Border Elemental Planes are closer system to 4e's envisioning/reason for revamping the elemental planes; they resemble the material plane, but with the chosen element being more dominant.Unfortunately, it has already been widely panned for being a huge throwback in flavor and abilities to the incredibly annoying "pacifist character" archetypes of old.But few of them dispute that 5e's method of doing so was ham-handedly attempting to make the entire dark style of play weak and useless rather than bringing it truly into express line.In addition, each of the main dragonmarks has been reworked as a new set of sub-races for each race rochester the house in question is mostly made.Essentially, it's the Career system from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, only not tied to class progression.But the most infamous (and obvious) example came in the Eladrin and Gith UA, which is perhaps best described with a brief summary of the accompanying video, in which Mike Mearls begrudingly lays out the basic facts of the githzerai and githyanki (the entire gith.This new design eliminates the culturally awkward standard of male orcs forcing themselves on human women, to the point of actually raising the idea that the race could be used for playing a half-dwarf, half-orc.All Genasi get 2 Constitution and racial magic (usually of the cantrip and/or "once per long rest" spells variety) determined by their subrace, which uses their Constitution.Psionics haven't reared their head yet, save for a brief mention that Illithids are "Psionic Commanders" and possess "psionic powers" with no further description for what that means to the player (some other monsters also mention possible games psionic powers, for example quaggoth and gray ooze).With the long-running stigma against furry races in D D, plus the Tabaxi's lore as a highly chaotic, impulsive, curiosity-driven race, you just know there's going to be people turning them into nubile savage style dark-skinned system blonde catgirls sooner or later.Classes have a customization "path" option similar to Pathfinder, where player chooses which of an archetype of their class they want to follow - the Berserker Barbarian, the Evoker Wizard, the Wild Magic Sorcerer, the Beastmaster Ranger, etc.Also, Guardian Spirit now provides free healing to your summoned beasts home and faeries, restoring HP equal to half your druid level each turn they end within the aura of your Spirit Totem.Incredibly beefy, the warforged is practically unrecognizable from its past incarnation; it even got subraces!Archaeologist : manual You're a scholar of the ancient and the lost, specializing full in dead civilizations and relics from the past. Protection domain (UA: Divine Domains For those who worship guardian deities, obviously; their powers basically make them more castery improvement paladins.
The Integrated Protection ability gives warforged with heavy armour proficiency higher AC than the Tortle, while also scaling with level.

At level 1, Solidarity's Action lets you spend a bonus action when using Help to assist an ally's attack to make a weapon attack of your own, which you can do 5th edition player's handbook Wis bonus times (minimum once) per day.
For Arcane Shots, it's got Beguiling Arrow (charm the target so it can't attack one of your arrows Brute Bane Arrow (target's physical damage is halved until the end of your next turn Bursting Arrow (explodes in a 10ft blast on a hit Defending Arrow.
And you can only start attacking too when you get the Extra Attack feature.