These are normal but if youre peeved by them, crack you can disable.DS_Store files by entering the tausend following defaults write command in Mac OS Xs Terminal: defaults write sktopservices DSDontWriteNetworkStores setup true, if you want them back, just switch that to zoet false at the end.
wont Im going to server assume youre running the latest version of both Windows hasan and file OS X:.1 and full Yosemite, respectively.When you do manage to connect, most you should see this prompt for your password: Type the username and password you use to log in to your Mac, and youll have access to all folders.Specify which users you would like to see and modify the folder in question.Depending on crack the Windows honor PC settings, you might see a bunch.DS_Store files on the Mac file system.Did it work for you?Once you log in, you can start browsing files.This process is simple and straightforward, but first, you need to set up your Mac to share files/folder with windows by enabling file sharing option.Enable Mac to Windows File Sharing in Mac.Step-8 Now Windows Part: In Windows 7 Press Windows R keys from keyboard to open Run Window, and type the Mac computer IP address as shown below.Click it, and youll be asked whether you want to log.Samba (SMB) may have a funny name but its book essentially just Mac OS X to Windows file sharing support.Head back to the Sharing section, and give this account access to the folders white youd like to share you can make that access Read Only, if youd rather people not mess with your files.You should see a, share button.If you dont need write access, Guest should work. If this doesnt work, you can also type followed by your Macs IP (which you can find, on your Mac, in the File Sharing pane in System Preferences ).
Lets cover exactly project how to enable this feature, and then how to connect to a shared Mac from a networked Windows PC so that you can swap files back and forth with ease.