Wask New is a condensed, geometric, bold and logos sans serif typeface, created by Athens-based gujarati graphic designer and illustrator Vasilis Skandalos.
As a result, its also update used in presentations, publications, and other longer texts.
It is very common in the fashion world, where its different weights give it an air of elegance and creativity.
He wanted to create something that offers great readability in various sizes yet still offers enough subtle differences to stand fonts out.Bernier is a free uppercase only design typeface with a vintage look, designed by Myanmar senior graphic designer Ryan Pyae.It is a free font with an elegant logos and fashion look.Klavika, this mario cool font can be seen in the famous Facebook logo.Fester is an uppercase, semi-condensed and sans-serif typeface, created by graphic designer Nawras Moneer.Best Script Fonts for Logos.These fonts are characterized by their vertical stand and sharp contrast between thin and thick lines.Bebas Neue comes with four new weights thin, light, book, build and regular that added to the original big, bold Bebas and Bebas Neue typefaces.Santelia SantElia is a contemporary font with six rigid weights.The font is great for your logos game gujarati and designs.Walk-On is a free retro font boasts simple shapes and reduced ornamental structures.Cast Iron has been creating bold typography with a solid, industrial style, created by Canada-based designer Jeremy Vessey.The modern weights pay tribute to the grace and style of Bebas with dignified shapes, familiar clean lines, a combination of technical simplicity, and basic warmth, making it universally suitable for print, web, exam art, and commerce.Myra is an all caps, a new contemporary sans serif free font, proshow designed by Ukraine type designer Sergiy Tkachenko.Best Serif Fonts For Logos.The font is great for a variety super of print and digital projects, including posters, logos and headlines.Designed by Indian independent avast artist Shrenik Ganatra, PRO is an all caps, sans-serif typeface inspired by Futura. Jaden is a free geometric sans serif typeface, designed by Kolkata-based visual patch designer Aritra Das.
The font is perfectly suitable for headlines, business purposes, advertising, packaging, and publications.