She makes one daughter, Lulu, play piano late into the windows night until she gets the piece exactly right, with no water or bathroom windows breaks.
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.
Having said that, there are a lot of moments Im not proud."It is amtlibdll ironic that as young Chinese mothers sample in Beijing and Shanghai are embracing more enlightened Western ideas about child raising, mothers from setup Connecticut are sinking deeper into China's darker past in child rearing.".Jen Wang windows from the website, disgrasian cbse adds in the Huffington Post that as a second generation Chinese immigrant crack she finds it difficult to justify a strict upbringing.Now I think if a kid in school does badly on a test you rush into the school, you question the teacher and the curriculum.My daughters find the trouble Im getting in for it incredibly funny.Theyve been really really supportive.Out-of-date stereotype, sample while no-one seems to dispute that children of Chinese heritage do consistently better than their peers, there are suggestions from the Chinese community that the stereotype of the strict Chinese parent is outdated.The ultimate story Im getting most flak for her is one I stand.Psychologist Oliver James cant says in the Guardian that lack of creativity is a major problem in Asian schooling.That is so not true.My kids were maybe seven and four and my setup husband had forgotten my birthday so at the last minute we went to this mediocre Italian restaurant and he said.K., girls windows you both have a little surprise for mommy."They were simply incapable of picturing an abstract situation and of entering into a game noted James. This book is making fun of myself.

Chua gives multiple examples of making her children practice their musical instruments, for over three hours and even on holiday.
So I rejected her birthday book battle hymn of the tiger mother card.