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What is File Handling in extension C#.Net?
Ans: Few Properties of thread class are: IsAlive contains value True when a thread is Active.
You cannot derive a class from a struct.Q #2) What are the carr fundamental OOP concepts?Struct cant consultant be inherited to other types.The code listed in Listing splinter 9 copies contents of an integer array to an array of object types.The Equality Operator is the comparison operator and the Equals method cell compares the contents of a string.When pretty a virtual method is invoked, the run-time type of the object is checked for wynona an overriding member.Append function is used for String double concatenation.Q #49) What are the types of Serialization?Extension methods enable you to add reader methods to existing types without creating a new derived type, recompiling, or otherwise cell modifying the original type.Threads are created by extending the Thread Class.The hash table is a general-purpose dictionary collection. We steam can easily retrieve data from any object that implements the IEnumerable T interface.
The manage code is directly executed addon by the Common Language Runtime (CLR or Runtime) and its lifecycle including object creation, nintendo memory allocation, and object disposal is managed by the Runtime.
It is in high demand, versatile and supports cross-platform as well.

They only contain static methods and are never instantiated.
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Answer Serialization c# questions and answers pdf in C# is the process of converting an object into a stream of bytes to store the object to memory, a database, or a file.