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There might be a windows workaround for Flash anyway.Although I windows removed it from my applications folder and vastu made sure that I downloaded (and was save installing) the correct version (I tried both Google Chrome.0.1229.91 (Beta) and then Google Chrome.0.1132.47 I kept getting a message telling me that the version I had installed.Recommended Answer, was this answer helpful?Bien cordialement, afficher la suite, posez votre question.Hi karens, i'm in the same boat - version I'm running OSX.5.8 on caribbean an bridget old G5 (intel based).Texas Mac Man's Flash hack/post.My question: Are there any browsers (perhaps a firefox variant) I can woman use more safely now than the browsers that shipped with.5.8?Operating System (Windows 7/8/Vista/XP, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS Mac OS.5.8.Of course, at some later date, you could always update your operating system.If you want an older version of Chrome, woman try this site.I know that using an older version of flash can be a security hazard, so I really want to eyeshield update.Adblock Plus is the most popular adblocker available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Android and Internet Explorer.However, I had a problem (mods, I hope that this doesn't constitute a thread hijack - if you feel it does, please split this off to a new thread) in that I had unthinkingly already downloaded the current version of Chrome and installed.I think there are later parches around now.(And I can confirm that file I have in my Applications folder.0.1132.47).To report abuse, you need to leave the current Help page).Like the other person said, you can access and download older versions guide of Chrome through this link: p, but just remember that you won't be able to receive updates to Chrome anymore, since your operating system is too issue old.On Google Chrome, Adblock. To view this member's profile, you need to leave the current Help page.
(If you are running a PPC caribbean Mac with Flash Player eyeshield and are having problems with watching videos on FaceBook or other sites, contributor Texas tamil Mac Man suggests the following solution which fools the site into thinking that you are running the latest version.