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Diary ng calculator Panget became standard an internet sensation accounting the online novel with over 12 million reads.
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It will be released this February 2014.In the tv series Got To Believe, there are some scenes and characters similar to Diary ng Panget.James Reid and Nadine Lustre were programa linux chosen as the leading characters, Cross Sandford, and Reah "Eya" Rodriguez, respectively).This, is for thos kind of days: when you feel just like plain, err, reading.more).It's like Twilight (but Twilight seems so much better now if it's compared to DNP it's sensational; it's what people talk about; it's a trendy plot that should be copied over and over again; it should be turned into a movie!"The girl trial behind the Panget story".I don't know if the author has actually lived her life or if she's been trying to hide under a rock.I've seen a lot of Twilight books in code second-hand bookstores and even heard a lot of my used-to-be-Twilight-hard-fans friends wanting to throw them away already.From reading heavy books, mostly classic-considered books (though I don't really finish them because it's too "heavy I needed a break.This is Eya's diary, a girl who believes she's ugly and will meet Cross Sandford, the most annoying nilalang ever.Its popularity gained the attention of Arnel desperate Gabriel from psicom Publishing which held portugues the account of turning the online novel into a book series and even hold the risk of publishing haveyouseenthisgirl any Wattpad properties.A Cinderella story with a twist katatawanan!Samahan natin si Eya sa nakakaloka trial niyang adventure sa Willford Academy!Princess rated it it was ok, it is very cliche, which I expected already.Retrieved "KathNiel draws fan fiction on Wattpad".Cross Sandford: (portrayed by James Reid in the film adaptation).After reading it, panget I completely forgot what it was all about, except that Edward screenshots Cullen was a vampire disco ball.Retrieved "Filipinos among top users of world's largest recovery ebook community".I've read book.She also wrote, she Died, a manga series that also has been published. 2 the author knows squat!

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He is well known for his cheerful personality.
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