Anonymous rates this game: 3/5, digimon digital world 3 is wali a great combination of 3D, cartoon, and also a card battle system game, but in terms arena of the card battle system, the pspiso enemy digimon is very large compared to world what you'll normally expect if you've been watching.
Nature Nature specialists have enormous DP yields and their DP requirements are usually low, but they tend to be mediocre sentaurus at best compared to other Digimon.If the Digimon attacks second, live then it will inflict damage equivalent to its HP minus any damage dealt by the opponent.The protagonist frees V-dramon and plunges forward to Igloo City, where the arena master, Garurumon, had been put under a trance by Stingmon.This penalty won't go away by evolving the Digimon naturally, but may go away if evolved through certain option cards such as Special Digivolve."Just pspiso Enough" attack win None Win Win the match with an attack whose attack power is equal to the remaining HP of your opponent's Digimon.Level of the resulting card.The player will then gain DP equivalent to the number of DP the card is stated to give.The opponent's Digimon will lose HP equal to the attack power (AP from now on) of the other Digimon's chosen attack.After that, the first battle phase take place.Digimon World and, digimon Adventure.The elements are as follows: Element Defining Characteristic Fire Digimon aligned to fire have high damage outputs, but their HP is very limited, and their DP output is low.Digimon: Digital Card Battle digital lit.Edit, manual the Mega Area Incidents, having successfully stalled Analogman, the security sorriso program (called "Rosemon" from now on) began searching for a card tamer that would mein face A in a duel and win. Such program, knowing of Analogman's strengths and weaknesses, made up a card battle game it would inyect into live the world.
Really bring me back nostalgia creating digimon deck.

It's important to note that the turn's player will place their digimon world digital card arena iso option card first, giving their opponent a chance to retaliate.
This counter is only possible if the opponent chooses an X attack to inflict damage with.