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So I tried setting lite up the windows same Gmail account on my MacBook and vista no problems there, it works fine.
Deleting the windows account in Mail.
You will see your recently created credentials listed there.You test can put the plugins name here.Give it a memorable name, so that you can easily recognize it in the future.You will now test be server asked to provide a name for your OAuth full client name.Smtp server: "535.7.8 m/mail/?pBadCredentials m124sm1812183lfg.5.On the next screen, you will need server to select Web browser JavaScript in Where youll be calling the API from field.It was working fine for 1-day, and then on the next day, I could receive messages but could no longer send messages.You need to look for a small link next to MX that says Email Routing: Remote Mail Exchanger.App will suddenly start working again?Rest of the instructions are the same whether you are using paid or free vista Gmail account.This might seem strange because youre not using your server for emails.WP Mail smtp plugin.Or Password: Password of your Gmail account Once you are done, click on the save changes button to store your settings.You need to visit Settings » WP Mail smtp page and click on the Email Test tab.Google Apps require you to add MX records to your domain name which means that your emails will appear to be coming from your own full domain name boosting authenticity and ensuring better deliverability. That being said, server lets set up WordPress to use Gmail smtp for sending windows emails.
This step basically tricks your server into believing that youre sending the email through the server.