Slightly lock-down based too, Dinowresters seek to serial let your opponent build their monsters up, only to kill 1 each turn and inflict big damage.
Recommended decklist Average deck health price : 57/45 Prank-Kids A much larger archetype in the mass OCG, Prank-Kids have finally come to the TCG, albeit with some members missing.Revolving around battling, Gladiator Beasts are quite powerful while also giving your opponent ways of playing around them.You can acquire all these monsters very easily and no doubt you have at least half a deck game in your random common piles too!The extra deck consists of Fusion, Synchro, XYZ and Link mission monsters.Looks can be edition deceiving though, cards like Fusion Tag and Lunalights updatestar very own Kaleido Chick make summoning Leo Dancer a breeze.Not only do these raccoons swarm the field with low-level Beast type monsters, you have a great boss monster at your disposal in the form of Number 64: Ronin slow Raccoon Sandayu.Recommended decklist Average deck price : 60/45 Dragon lords Arguably the greatest benefit of a Dragon Lord deck is monitor excel their Link format competence, you definitely dont even need an Extra Deck but if you decide on one, the single Extra Monster Zone is enough.You can easily summon multiple level 3 or 4 Rock-type monsters for Link or XYZ summoning.A big problem is a players budget, most of us simply cant afford to splash out huge amounts of cash on the latest and greatest cards.All it takes is a few extra cards such as Vampire Sucker to be a competitive force!However, if they get banished (which is quite common in Yugioh youll pretty much have to scoop.He isnt the only Masked hero available windows though, there are others available for niche game situations.Even with Astrograph Sorceror being banned, Pendulum Magicians are still going strong as a rogue competitive deck, or as a fun casual deck.All of this for an extremely small price.Fortunately, due to the recent ban-list hitting the biggest abusers of Electrumite, the price has gone down by at least 50 so lotus now this deck is much cheaper.So many combos can be made with this archetype with a ton of potential drawing power, Flower Cardians are seriously underrated.Recommended playlist decklist Average deck price : 70/55 Superheavy Samurai One of the most unique archetypes in the entire game, Superheavy Samurais aim to summon their ace Synchro cracked monsters.Also, D/Ds are one of the most fun and satisfying decks in the entirety of Yugioh, no duel is ever the same! Short Circuit as always.
Easily one of the best boss monsters in the entire game, backing it up with powerful Link monster is recommended.
As well as summoning boss monsters easily, Lunalights have a ton of recycling and graveyard effects.

Not Burning Abyss though, in fact your opponent will have fun even if they get destroyed.
Recommended deck list Average deck price : 73/55 Batteryman Arguably 1 of the 2 half-decent Thunder archetypes, the Batteryman series has gone under the radar for a while but theyre well worth good budget yugioh deck 2014 acquiring.
Sometimes an archetype gets support and goes from bad to decent.