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Home_url else / The username/password are incorrect so set an mysql error message error_msg 'Sorry, you must enter a valid username and password to phoenix log in?
Download all of activation the activation code for subscribe the activation Mismatch application from the windvd Head First Labs web site head at m/books/hfphp.Sending the miniclip headers for http authentication amounts to two lines of PHP codea call to the header function for each header being sent.The latter option is easier to carry out in some browsers (Firefox, for example) than others (Safari).The SHA function stands for Secure Hash Algorithm.The application now has that personalized touch thats been missing.4 Redirect the user to the home page.You can if you want.What about the log-in user interface?Renovate Mismatch with sessions Reworking the Mismatch application to use a session to store log-in data isnt game as dramatic as it may sound.In other words, you have to be a member of Mismatch in order to view another users profile.Since session data is stored on the server, it is more secure and more reliable than data stored in cookies.This isnt a problem for us because we can delete a cookie at any time from script code, making it possible to offer a log-out feature. After logging in, the latest member names change to links to their offline respective offline profile views.
Select password from mismatch_user where patch username 'jimi' And finally, you can simulate a log-in check by doing a select on the username and using the SHA function with the password in a where clause.
Two session variables are created to store the user ID and username for the log-in.