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Luffy memiliki cita-cita sebagai bajak laut karena terinspirasi dari seorang bajak laut bernama Shanks.
Doflamingo remembered how he, his brother, and his father were crucified by a paper mob game for being World Nobles.A Collision of Haki - Luffy.Shanks mengarungi samudera untuk mencari harga karun legendaris yakni One installer Piece yang dit.Komik One Piece 723 Indo, tips: Kalian dapat mendownload One Piece chapter 723 Indo dengan mengklik tombol download yang berada monkey dibawah dan atas halaman ini.He shouted at the full mob that monkey he secret was not going to die and that he would kill all of them.In the present, lumia Trebol proclaimed Doflamingo to be the ultimate evil.Animation - Asako Narasaki, direction - Satoshi legend It, format 16:9 (hdtv) "A Collision of Haki - Luffy.Komik One Piece Indo.However, Doflamingo uses his powers train to revive himself player and attack Law.Luffy's and Doflamingo's clash ends in stalemate as Luffy attacks Doflamingo with Busoshoku Haki.Doflamingo walks toward the fallen Law and prepares to kill him by stomping on his head.While Doflamingo blocks the first strikes with his own Haki, Luffy manages to exploit an opening and deal several blows to the Shichibukai. This time, both of them use Haoshoku Haki, which astonishes Trebol and causes a full large tremor around them.
However, Doflamingo evades Luffy's finishing strike as he takes to the air, remembering the suffering he went through.

Later, Doflamingo stood before Trebol, Vergo, Diamante, and Pica as the first of the four revealed to him that he used Haki and so was chosen by heaven.
A fatigued Law then steps back as he collapses from exhaustion.
Doflamingo shakes off Luffy's block and tries stomping komik one piece episode 723 on Law again, but Luffy counters him again.