Step 1 requires you to select Kon-Boot which is located right at the game bottom of boot the list.
So in version order to create a bootable Kon Boot USB, the trick is to use the floppy image instead world of version the ISO file.
Fixed few installer issues.
Unetbootin will now start copying the files and patch then install a Syslinux bootloader to your USB drive.Here are 6 different ways to create a Kon Boot USB and hopefully one of the methods below will work for you.Microsoft Windows Server 2008 32Bit/64Bit (all versions).Once downloaded, player click on the Browse button to locate the kon-boot-all.Windows system is required for installer to run.There is no need moon to crack or reset the users password which is a great time saver and also doesnt trigger user suspicion.Download Universal product USB Installer.There are two versions crack of Kon-Boot which is free and paid.Microsoft Windows 10 32Bit/64Bit (all versions).Microsoft Windows 10 32Bit/64Bit (all versions including EFI, local authorization only possiblity to add local administrator account automatically (USB only).Then download UNetbootin from the link below and run.UNetbootin, there are quite a number of tools to assist in creating bootable USB drives but UNetbootin is the only one that supports floppy images rather than just ISO.Operation Systems: Microsoft Windows XP 32Bit/64Bit (all versions since game SP2).Finally select the USB flash moon drive tour and click the Create button followed by Yes at the confirmation window.Confirm the drive letter player of your USB flash drive and click the OK button. Microsoft Windows 8 32Bit/64Bit (all versions).