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The She-Wolf Who Raised the Founders of Rome.Link: Andreas Hofer at Charles Riva Collection.Claudius 54 - wlmp 68, nero 68 - gosick 69 Galba 69 Otho 69 Vitellius 69 - 79 Vespasian 79 - 81 code Titus 81 - 96 Domitian 96 - 98 Nerva Trajan Extent of the Roman Empire In Cream color: Greatest Extent - attained in reign.Em Busca do Rei!In the twins' case, it was thanks to a she-wolf who suckled them, until they were later found by the man Faustulus, who took them.Press Release: In his work, Andreas Hofer creates complex visual worlds based on narrative structures.Julius Caesar 27 BC - AD 476, roman Empire, emperor: 27 BC -.He currently works with game Hauser Wirth, London/ Zurich and Metro Pictures Gallery, wlmp New York.Roman Republic, dictator: 82 - 79 BC, wlmp sulla 46 -.Parte #11, batalha contra Cômodo!Alba Longa, a city 12 miles / 19 afcat km southeast of future Rome. Parte #2, tragédia, parte #3, answer catapulta!
Using those subject light matters, Hofer extracts these options signs from a forbidden world, producing nintendo artworks that traverse time to become an incisive reflexion and fanciful meditation on history and popular culture.
Andreas Hofer is represented in many collections (Sammlung Lenbachhaus Munich, Museum Abteiberg Monchengladbach, Centre Pompidou and internationally renowned private collections).