There are 8 obelisks scattered throughout the gamecom game, only 7 of which spellbinders are involved in this quest.
Be sure you pull the lever plantronics professional at 10,2.You likely have propaganda already explored much propaganda of the Plains area, so go back across the bridge, re-enter the Navea Delta and head back to generator Tamal's Inn.It turns out that the key to open this elemental door of fire is a ebook Shard of Fire which you won't be getting for a while in the game.My party decided to walk and clean up some loose ends in the Yon-Chall design Forest right design outside of the Lost City.You may find now that the teleporters begin teleporting somewhat randomly.13.1 Find information about Dunstan.You will be attacked from behind as well by 4 Elite Assassins.Make your way to the door at 7,11 and go outside onto the catwalk.A lever right next to the hole 13,10, opens that door.Now proceed west to the end of the hall.This room drivers has a chest to open.Its examples frontloaded with with an oh-so-grand cinematic crammed with fallen angels and epic battles, while the business of the actual action centers on a band of raiders just out to make propaganda a name for themselves.There is a small chest on the west wall at 13,11. You can try choi more than once to see if you will be successful on a second or third your try.
If you've been leveling up as you should, you should be able to handle these beasties without much trouble.