As its for a product you brought then it should be ok, sometimes its even necessary to visual get trudi older games working (securom for instance isn't available on Win10 visual but no company will tell you it is fine.
If anyone has any idea as buildings to what the book cause is, please let corel me know.
I have tried a full and recommended install, as well as tweaking compatibility settings.Myst III installs just fine, but when I go to actually run the game, nothing happens.Nightcraw1er.488: Click on the blue disc to the top left of acura each box (each box tends to be a different version, so pick the one that matches canavan your version number).I have installed an old version of QuickTime.Paladin181: It's also a not-so-gray area because distributing ANY protected files like that as an unauthorized distributor canavan best is illegal in many countries).Originally Posted by jbreeding28, go to original post, i have the original 4 CD game set of Myst III: Exile.Note it is a grey area as your effecively electronics nullifying the copy protections built into the exe.I recently bought a new computer and upgraded to Windows 10 Professional.quot;(jTommy @ Aug 2 2006, 08:31 PM).I would really like to get this game running.It says to log in as administrator book but I am already shown as administrator but not with full privileges. quot;(Siberian game GRemlin @ Aug 3 2006, 06:05 AM).
I am trying to run Myst III Exile on Win 10 and I can't find this file anywhere.
Does anybody know where I can find this?