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The next-gen difference, while My Career is all menus, messages, and waxwork David Stern on PS3 and 360, the next-gen version of 2K14 has brand-new cut-scenes and a proper story.Its an example of a great idea being sullied by not-quite-perfect execution.Presentation is a mixed bag too.If you're looking for an nba game and don't want to shell out the going rates for latest and greatest rosters or gimmicks, nba 2k14 is worth the buy.NBA 2K14 on the PS4 is a stunning digital facsimile of basketball.Upon picking a likeness, youll start shooting some hoops portable in the Rookie Showcase, discovering a rival that will follow you through your career and sculpting a personality that affects your team interactions and fan support.Other modes include My GM, which allows you to manage an NBA franchise in a socially interactive style.No, Im not keygen having some kind of basketball-themed cheese-dream.Lastly, don't buy this game if you can't take a Saturday off and just play - it's that compelling.Players now transition more smoothly from one animation to the next, which makes you feel more in control of everything you.Its a real shame that old-game dialogue has been retro-fitted into this next-gen presentation.Youll encounter some of the same conversations with your coach multiple times, while youll often be given strange mid-match objectives that dont necessarily gel with your teams playing style.Product Identifiers, publisher career 2K Games.Sealed in the original plastic wrap!They could have recreated the reflections those lights have on the court, the player's sweaty heads, the backboards and every other portable reflective surface.It would be better if the game featured either full voices for all players or none at security all, because the silence gets almost creepy at times.I politely tell Elton that he can go fuck himself.There are some positive additions to the game in the control scheme area - holding the Left Bumper will allow you to automatically update call a quick play (usually a pick-and-roll but by removing the modifier Visual Concepts has made the thumbstick the least efficient way.There are moments where the immersion is so great that youll forget that its a game even if the uncanny valley will creep in eventually when a player fails to convey the right emotion, or a couple of identical twins pop disk up in the audience. There are other issues, too.
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