ps vita 2.61 hack

Vita up.18 official firmware, I think you may need a hacked PS3 for it to work since the walkthrough Vita online update is now.20 or higher, I'm not quite sure black how that positioning works, for now stay at Vita.18 firmware or lower.
3) Download this note marines : This is a special PSP save file you will place wand on your qcma PSPsavefile folder -Default call route: C:UsersUserDocumentsPS Vitapsavedata16DigitsFolder -In april the end, your 16digitsfolder will contain the vhbl0123X folder TIP : You saver only need to do saver this once.
Y This will make the vpk safe and you remove any risk related uncut to bricks.( If after the console reboots it asks for a firmware update cancel.The PSP exploit game for the Vita official firmware.61 has been announced, Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2012 Ketteiban.PBP files inside page ux0:pspemu/PSP/game -For plugins, use the seplugins folder inside ux0:pspemu.Cheats and the likes arent essential and you will install and use them at your own risk.11) Search for 12) Once there, install the Install-GameID.3) Run the install usbmc bubble 4) When requested, press (X) to install the plugin.TIP windows : You can windows transfer ANY file this way with qcma, like DLC and update VPKs.10) Install the updater.Every next time you install a game, skip crack this step. 9) Download the latest version of PSP2updat.
Now you have VitaShell on its latest version.