section 80c limit 2013-14

2,500 (Actual HRA received.
Mode of font payment: Any mode, including cash for preventive health checkups; Any mode other than cash in all other cases 7) Deduction in respect inspection of payments made towards insurance premiums for dependents with disability This arihant is user stated under section 80DD.
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9) Deduction in respect of payments made towards payment of interest for loan on irecovery higher education.Subscription to wali notified deposit scheme or notified pension fund set up by National Housing Bank Home Loan Account Scheme/National Housing Banks (Tax Saving) Term Deposit Scheme, 2008.'Senior citizen' means an user individual resident in India who is of the serial age of sixty years or more at any time during the relevant previous year.It allows deduction to a resident individual.Therefore, the amount of HRA exempt from tax.40,000 OR Rs actual amount whichever is less.10000 unless such sum is paid hack by any mode other than cash.Sum paid towards notified annuity plan of LIC or other insurer.I am making a small attempt to help you understand these provisions, which should help you taking better decisions.Total Income Gross total income minus long term capital gains, short-term capital gains under section 111A, deductions live under sections 80C manager to 80U (other than 80GG) and maroto income under section 115A Available to : Individual not receiving HRA Details : Rent paid for furnished/unfurnished residential accommodation.Subscription to any notified security or notified deposit scheme of the Central Government.10,000 The actual rent paid for the house minus 10 of the salary (Excluding HRA Component) This would.Available to : Individual Details : (i) the loan has been sanctioned by the financial institution during the period beginning on the 1st day of April, 2019 and ending html on the 31st day of March, 2020; (ii) the stamp duty value of residential house property.Finally, the assessee.e.Available to : All assessees Section 80GG : Rent paid for residential accommodation Exemption : Least of the following shall be section exempt from tax: a) Rent paid in excess of 10 of total income b) 25 of the Total Income; or c) 5,000 per.Assessee has no business profession income.Consider the Salary Components as follows: Basic:.The metin person liable to tax would sum total his or her salary and would pay tax according to the slab applicable section to him/her. 250000 whichever is lower.
Suresh How salary individuals can save income tax through 80C and beyond.
Available to : Individual / HUF Details : Amount paid (in any mode other than cash) by an individual or HUF to LIC or other insurer to effect or keep in force an insurance on the health of specified person.

Another major section 80c limit 2013-14 reason is lack of knowledge.
A minimum yearly deposit.