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bypass If you are not careful you will of course get attacked and become hurt.Mook : of all shapes and sizes.Betrayed by the hard only family he ever knew and left little for dead, Shank feels the bypass need to seek revenge for the death of his beloved at the hands of the underworld's deadliest assassins.He eventually gets his starting shank combo from shank the first game (a pair of handguns and a earth chainsaw) as he progresses.Just like in seagate the previous game, hit them quickly to build up combos to send them flying!Bottomless Magazines : Averted for the player's guns, played straight with enemy guns, miniguns, and Cesar's flintlock pistols.When this happens use the original EXE to play online, else you could find yourself banned from lord the game!Shank himself gets one at the start of the first game.Bulletproof Human Shield : While Shank has grabbed a serial Mook, he will begin to Bullfight Boss : The Fake Butcher / El Raton also Giant Mook from nowhere Toro.He's unflinchingly loyal and kind to his girlfriend after she sees him and his partner trying to kill the Deputy Mayor, earth and has to be shank restrained from attacking Angelo after he casually shoots a priest.Awesome, diaries but Impractical : The katana's grapple move, while visually pleasing, does little damage and leaves you open during the animation.That, is a shank!Would Hit a Girl : Gender matters not to Shank.Giant Mook : They can in all types Bikers, Luchadors, Truckers Militias.Wicked Cultured : Cesar lives in a fancy mansion decorated with antiques, wears an ascot, and fights with pearl-handled knives, a saber, and a pair of dueling pistols.Co-Op Multiplayer : the first game has it, serving as a How We Got Here prequel to the events of the 1P campaign.Anti-Hero : Trying to say Shank is a good guy is a bit of a stretch, but compared to the people he fights a leader of a Cartel and a Dictator more or less.After Shank is sucker-punched and shot at point-blank range by Cesar, he just gets up, effortlessly tanks every other attack, finishes the job, and walks away without so much as a limp. Klei Entertainment and published by, electronic Arts.
Developer: Klei Entertainment, publisher: Klei Entertainment, release Date: Metascore: 72/100, converter buy and download Shank 2 from Steam Store!