subway surfers cheat app

The instuctions of this cheat is the express same as Time Travel Cheat.
The, number invisi-board glitch is an interesting cheat that turns the serial hoverboard invisible while you cheat surf.Subway Surfers Videos, game Discussions, reviews.Note: This cheat may not work!If this happens, then restore both the original game and speaking your original backup data and you games will be where you were when you first started.December 28, 2013 - link Set this time for Jamie and Snowflake.January 17, 2014 Obtain Nick and Flamingo.April 5, 2013 Obtain Kim and Outback.January 30, 2013 - Set this time for Carmen and Toucan.Click the button that says "Get Free Coins." Open Subway Surfers.Has maps no effect on fruit Daily Challenges.Other glitches can games also be activated, like the Subway Surfers cheat.Another glitch is, moving Smoke.When you're lucky, you might find a jetpack, when the super sneakers isn't de-activated yet.This is available after you select a specific date in the settings developer of your device.Note: If you want your old game data back press the button "Restore." Another Note: This only works on Android.Lastly, click on the button Get Free Coins and open the game.But if you move you will regain the ability to move.Just as you lose, click on your mega headstart to activate.Play Subway Surfers on your PC today! Similar to this, there is a second Time Travel Hack which calendar can extend games the weekday event, which can be done by going into settings and simply change the time zone to prolong hunter the event duration.
October 31, 2013 Obtain Eddy and Pumpkin.
October 31, 2013 - Set this time for Eddy and Pumpkin.