The Power of serial Love : painter The focus of Episode 47, mentioned in the title.
Odd Friendship : Everyone, really.How Do draw I Shot Web?Two-Timer Date : With the other windows party being a windows monster of the week.Vitriolic Best Buds : Ichigo and Minto windows often bicker, but are willing to ambassadors help each other when necessary.Shoujo Shout-Out : A Sailor Moon stage crack show appears in one episode.Cat Girl, and ended up as a sweet tale of choosing the right guy, protecting the environment, and throwing some sparkly.Villains Out Shopping : Quiche, Pie, and Tart eat parfaits near a fan while complaining about humans causing global xbmc warming.If any more ever fifa comes from it, it happens offscreen suite and goes unmentioned.The anime changes this to give civilian Ichigo red hair and brown eyes, civilian Minto midnight blue hair and brown eyes, etc.Still, there are some pretty cool powers laser whips, flight, making boulders rise from the ground alongside best some only sometimes useful ones, like turning your legs into a fish tail, or outright sucky ones like turning into a helpless kitten.Converse with the Unconscious : Ichigo does ammyy this in episode. So What Do We Do Now?
Love-Obstructing Parents : Ichigo's father disapproves of Aoyama at first indo and challenges him to a kendo match.
So the diguises are mostly useless.

Heroic Sacrifice : Everywhere in the series finale.
Joshikousei : Ichigo and Retasu wear Sailor tokyo mew mew episode 14 sub indo Fuku.
Only the first half of the series was dubbed and broadcast in the United States before it was dropped after 4Kids was unsuccessful in getting a merchandise deal, not to mention the fact 4Kids butchered the anime so the series could pass the American censors.