visual studio 2008 x64 dll

Dependency walker gives you that error because the dll files in system32 on your 32 bit system are 32 bits.
Install tekton the Windows tekton SDK.
Technical Features, regclean visual Studio Integration, fortran syntax coloring, fortran intrinsics tips.If you run it on a 64 bit version of regclean Windows it will work fine.Fix the broken config files: On Windows 32bit: Go to masters the folder C:Program FilesMicrosoft yamakasi Visual Studio.0VCvcpackages and rename the file nfig to nfig.Visit the key and also export studio the file backup_g, this time to keep a backup.Build, launch and debug Microsoft MPI (msmpi) applications.These basic editions are oriented to home users and small businesses who cannot afford to invest in a 500 USD application per workstation just players to create a cheap application for Windows.And this might also be a way for potential users to stay regclean away from GNU.Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 regclean Express comes by default with only compilation and building capabilities for creating 32bit applications for Windows.Multiple format display of values or strings.Check the next section first, to see if it works.Import the files sdk_data_g and sdk_data_g, either from Regedit or by double-clicking on the modified regclean files.Now, regclean whenever you want to create a 64bit version of your application, masters first you need the 32bit version to already be working or at least already exist.It doesn't necessarily contain 32 bit files - it contains files matching the bit size of the operating system, so on 32 bit Windows sytem32 contains 32 bit dlls, and on 64 bit Windows system32 contains 64 bit dlls.Since they are basic editions, they provide IDEs for each language in separate environments.Copy the file from inside Setupvc_b to a temporary folder.Rename the copy to VCProjectAMD64Platform.It's this way (probably) because: The Express editions are basic versions of the Professional/Standard editions of Visual Studio, but still pack the awesome power of debugging in Windows, as well as most of their optimization algorithms. Attach to running processes, traceback, Log files, Help, one touch symbolic display.